Frazier - Hebert 

Musicians and songwriters travel many pathways as they explore their musical journey. Sometimes they come to a crossroads. Such is the case with the duo, Frazier - Hebert. Both are seasoned independent artists and performers. Both have musical influences ranging from Americana, country and folk to blues and jazz. Realizing that they had similar backgrounds, the two began collaborating after meeting at a “Nashville Songwriter Association International” meeting.  Soon afterward Frazier,  guitarist/producer/arranger/songwriter, and Hebert, singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist were developing heartfelt lyrics and haunting melodies. The talented duo’s first single, “Just One More Smile,” showcases Hebert’s voice and musicianship combined with Frazier’s signature guitar style.  The ballad “Just One More Smile” is a timeless love song sure to touch the heart of anyone who has missed a loved one far away.